Ford Co-Pilot360: On-Trend Driver-Safety Tech

Ford Co-Pilot360, a comprehensive suite of driver-assist technologies, helps drivers stay safe and vigilant on increasingly congested roads. The suite has us here at Herb Chambers Ford of Braintree in Braintree, MA completely stoked, since driver safety ranks highest on our customers' lists of concerns. Here are two technologies from the suite that address specific on-road concerns.

Auto High Beam

Auto High Beam technology toggles between low and high beams, eliminating the need for you to do it manually. The technology detects oncoming headlights up to 2,000 feet away, switching automatically to low beam to keep from blinding other drivers and switching back to high beam as needed.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

BLIS uses radar to detect vehicles that stray into your blind spot on the road. If the radar detects a vehicle, an alert light flashes in your side-view mirror, helping you merge or change lanes in a safe, timely way. BLIS complements the cross-traffic alert technology, which detects and warns you of cars crossing behind you as you're backing slowly out of a parking spot or garage.

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